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windows vista logoWindows Vista Activation explained.

Software piracy is a problem that is increasing every year, despite a range of efforts to combat it. In May 2006, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a leading software industry forum, reported that 35 percent of all software installed worldwide during 2005 was pirated or unlicensed. Piracy on this scale continues to create great challenges for Microsoft Corporation, and affects consumers, partners, and the industry.

While the financial impact on the software industry and the consumers who are defrauded by counterfeit software are serious, there are also impacts that go beyond dollars. Many consumers who end up with a counterfeit copy of Microsoft software are unwitting victims of a crime. They believe that they purchased a properly licensed copy, often have documents to back up the purchase, and yet their copy of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, or Windows Server is not properly licensed. In addition, counterfeit software is increasingly becoming a vehicle for the distribution of viruses and malicious software (also called malware or crack) that can target unsuspecting users, potentially exposing them to corruption or loss of personal or business data and identity theft.

For these reasons, Microsoft continually invests in technologies and programs to help protect consumers and businesses from the risks and hidden costs of counterfeit and unlicensed software.

microsoft’s site: Windows Vista activation

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