Windows Home Server and Digital Dysfunctions

Windows Home ServerDo you suffer from Digital Amnesia? As Digital Amnesia is quickly becoming the number one form of digital dysfunction, you probably do.
Just head over at the online Center for Digital Amnesia Awareness and
get a diagnostic. But even more, get a cure for your digital problem: Windows Home Server.

“Windows Homer Server works to store, share and protect your digital memories,” reveals the fake doctor over at the Center for Digital Amnesia Awareness Website. The StopDigitalAmnesia website is part of Microsoft’s marketing strategy for Windows Homer server.

“Store – Keep it together – expandable storage can help,” “Share – Sharing is healing, and access doesn’t hurt either” and “Protect – A backup a day keeps Digital Amnesia at bay” describe the core functionality of the Windows Homer Server.

“The quantity of digital information that consumers have today is increasing like never before. The prevalence of digital cameras, digital video recorders, MP3 players and other devices is creating massive quantities of information that is stored in these “islands” of data around the home. Usually, the person who takes the picture, downloads the music, et cetera, has that information stored on their PC, and if the hard drive fails or something bad happens, that information is effectively lost. Windows Home Server and the HP Media Smart Server will help families with two or more PCs in the home connect those islands, providing a central place where they can easily store, access and share that information,” explained Steven VanRoekel, director of Microsoft’s Windows Server Solutions Group.