Security on Windows Home Server

HP MediaSmart Server with Windows Home ServerWindows Homer Server is a concert of Windows fragments but essentially, the core technology is that of the Microsoft enterprise-grade Windows Server 2003,
and as such, the security features are also common. This aspect was revealed by
Todd Headrick, Microsoft’s product planner for Home Server to TechWeb. Microsoft has scheduled the release of Windows Home Server for the second half of 2007, on top of the HP MediaSmart Server hardware.

The Redmond Company has built Windows Home Server in the same manner as a Windows operating system, and in this context, WHS will feature automatic capabilities of retrieving and deploying updates. However, Microsoft has not attributed Windows Home Server the role of update manager for the machines connected in a home environment. The computers in a home network, as well as the devices connected, will be updated individually and independent of the Windows Home Server. “We’ll manage vulnerabilities and patches [for Home Server] just like we manage all other vulnerabilities and patches,” Headrick stated.

Microsoft informed that Windows Home Server will not be offered with pre-installed security software. In this regard, the Redmond Company has already approached security developers to provide solutions for Windows Home Server.

Security software integrated into Windows Home Server will be a must as the server will by no means be immune to attacks. Headrick confirmed that attacks will target Windows Home Server, although he gave the end user little credit: “Yes, it would be possible. People do a lot of stupid things, like opening attachments. We can’t keep them from doing that.” Windows Home Server will enter the second beta phase by the end of January 2007.