Windows Vista Activation

windows vista logoWindows Vista Activation explained.

Software piracy is a problem that is increasing every year, despite a range of efforts to combat it. In May 2006, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), a leading software industry forum, reported that 35 percent of all software installed worldwide during 2005 was pirated or unlicensed. Piracy on this scale continues to create great challenges for Microsoft Corporation, and affects consumers, partners, and the industry.

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Windows Visa tips & tricks

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 downloadFolder Navigation

1. Getting around your PC – Folders look visually different, but with more choices navigation is even easier. Using the Navigation pane you can visually see the folder hierarchy and quickly find your destination.

2. Address bar – The arrows on the Address Bar open a fly-out to specific folders on your PC or network.

3. Classic Menus – If need you can return to the classic views just hit the ALT key. However, stay with the Windows Vista default configuration for better productivity. Continue reading “Windows Visa tips & tricks”